Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My First Year as a ReebokONE Ambassador

Last post I told you how I was selected to become a ReebokONE Ambassador... Now, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been doing for them the past eight months. 

Reebok - The Brand & My First Package

When Reebok first reached out to me and told me I had to sign a one-year contract stating I could only wear their brand, I was a little scared. How on earth was I going to trade my Nikes for Reebok?! 

Well, after my first seeding package (a package Reebok sends me every quarter) I knew it would be very easy for me to do that. My first package came in a plain brown box (much different from what it comes in now - a fully branded ReebokONE box). I tore it open and pulled out article of clothing after article of clothing after shoe box after shoe box. I seriously felt like I was living a scene out of a Mary Poppins movie when she keeps pulling items out of her umbrella. (Did I just date myself?!)

By the end of it, I had all the contents in the box laid out all around me. I glanced up at my boyfriend (and guests we had over at the time) with tears in my eyes and said, “I cannot believe this right now. This is so surreal. I am SO grateful! Holy cow. I have all this FREE, BRAND-NEW Reebok gear. It’s MINE. I get to KEEP this, and wear it!” I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing that package arrive at my doorstep. Think of how you felt as a kid waking up the morning of Christmas or stepping foot into your favorite toy store or candy shop. Now, multiply that feeling by 100. THAT’S how I feel every time! 

After having my own Reebok fashion show in my house, I decided I’d never wear another fitness brand ever again even after my contract is up (but I'm being hopeful in saying I hope they extend it!). Reebok has come a LONG way! Their clothes fit perfectly as do their shoes, and everything is super comfy. Can’t go wrong there. 


Pete called me up and asked if I wanted to be part of a series Reebok was doing - going around the country and interviewing ReebokONE Ambassadors about their fitness experience as well as taking pictures of them. Without any hesitation I said YES! 

We shot in the Marina district of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Someone pinch me! Talk about a money shot! I have to add - the Reebok folks who came out are FRIGGIN amazing! Super nice and I was really comfortable with them. They are very easy to talk to and joke around with. 

A Day Spent Well in SF

Another opportunity came up in the beginning of July where I got the chance to meet some other kick-ass ambassadors. We bonded over a delicious sushi dinner in the Marina district, and the next day we worked up quite the sweat at the Equinox club on Pine Street. More photo ops and interviewing took place. 

By the way, these photos and video footage can be used by Reebok in their promotional material in whichever way they’d like to use it. That was also something that’s in my one-year contract. 


ReebokONE flew me to their headquarters in Canton, Mass. for a three-day business summit with Thomas Plummer (fitness business consultant guru), several other ReebokONE Ambassadors from all over the country, and other big names in the industry - Nick Tumminello (author appearing in more than 30 major health & fitness magazines and owner of Performance University International), David Jack (Sports Performance and Conditioning coach and contributor for major brands like Reebok, Rodale, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Katie Couric’s show, Katie), Charlie Weingroff (Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Jeff Fish (former strength coach for the Atlanta Falcons), Allie McKee and Molly Galbraith (Founders of GirlsGoneStrong and both Strength and Conditioning coaches), and more. 

On top of all of this, we got a full tour of the Reebok Headquarters, which was UNfrigginBELIEVABLE! Not to mention the Reebok store where we received 50% off EVERYTHING! If Reebok had a heaven, this was it - not even kidding! 

Despite no sleep for three days, it was so worth it. I met my ReebokONE family there. We’ve created a group chat on Facebook and make it a point to chat every single day. Thanks to Reebok for making that happen. 


I’m On a Reebok Flyer!

My most recent Reebok accomplishment was discovering my photo from the shoot I did in the Marina district was being used as a promotional tool for our ReebokONE site! 

Wrap Up

As I’ve said before and continue saying, I am more than grateful to be part of this wonderful opportunity. Reebok is an EXCELLENT company and I am very happy to be a part of their growing organization. If you're a fitness professional reading this OR you know someone who is, sign up for your free profile on www.reebok.com/magenfit23. Don't forget, you'll get 25% off all Reebok gear and you'll connect with other fitness pros from all over the world! 

Thank you for reading. Happy training! 


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