Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fitness Competition: Making It Publicly Official

Less than six and seven weeks out...
As some of you might recall, I was just four weeks away from entering my first fitness competition last April when I decided the timing just wasn’t right – for personal reasons – and I didn’t end up competing.

Almost a full year has gone by and my body has made some pretty incredible changes. I am much stronger and muscular this year, and am feeling quite confident with the way my body looks. In fact, confident enough to compete in two upcoming fitness (bikini division) shows – one on Saturday, April 14 and the other just a week later on Saturday, April 21.

I decided to finally go public with this information because I want to be held accountable for the two shows, which are less than six and seven weeks away. I kept going back and forth with the idea of competing, but I did start dieting in January… just in case!

This will give me something to look forward to and really focus hard on, which I definitely need at this point in my life. Last year, I let my personal reasons get in the way of following through with my goals. This year, I am not letting that happen. As I get older, I am learning to turn everything negative that comes my way into some sort of positive.

These shows will give me even more credibility when I write for my personal blog, as well as for, a blog I’ve been writing for since January. Not only that, but as soon as I become a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) – yes, that will happen this year, too (stay tuned for that!) – it will help me in that area as well!

By now, you’re probably wondering which shows I will be competing in… April 14 is the 2012 OCB Pine Tree State – Bodybuilding, Figure, & Bikini, which will be held at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, ME. Pre-judging is at 1pm and finals begin at 5:30pm.

The other show, on April 21, is the OCB Spirit of America (SOA) and will be held at Carver High School in Carver, MA. Prejudging begins at 11am and finals are at 5pm.

Because the OCB is a natural bodybuilding organization, every competitor will be drug tested using a polygraph machine. Luckily, I’ll only have to do it once for both shows.

So, there you have it! I’d love to have people show up and cheer me on – you can even make signs! Just make sure you spell my name correctly… haha.

I want to explain how I’ve prepared for these shows thus far, but I’d rather do it in a separate blog post as this one is already too long. I’ll be sure to post something soon.

Is anyone else out there competing this year? If so, which shows and which division do you plan on competing?

Thanks for reading!


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