Friday, August 19, 2011

Morning Workouts Are The Best!

I recently started going to the gym in the mornings again and wish I would have started that sooner!! I was doing that religiously last fall and winter and as it got nicer out, I started to go in the afternoons so I could enjoy more of my night and stay up later and sleep in longer. Doing that only ended in me skipping workouts, which is no bueno.

I have been going in the mornings and skipped one morning for more sleep and told myself I’d just go after work, but I couldn’t get myself to go! – I was just too tired and with the crowds, forget that! Never again will I do that! I truly enjoy being at the gym bright and early… here are my reasons why:

  • No crowds
  • Machines are open
  • Quality of my workouts is kickass!
  • Get to work early/on time
  • Energy lasts throughout the day – no more 2 p.m. lull!
  • Stay more on track with my clean eating
  • Workouts last longer because I have more time and I’m not rushed
  • Don’t skip an exercise or stretching
  • Consume more water throughout the day
  • Sleep better at night
  • More motivated to pack my gym bag at night/gather my meals together & more motivation for other tasks
  • Have time for other things after work

I could probably add more to this list. In fact, here’s another big one: my workout is out of the way! I also feel more clear-headed throughout the day, which makes for an even more productive workday!

When do you workout? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Morning and evening?

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