Friday, December 23, 2011

Control Your Sugar Cravings!

Lemon Heads. Cinnamon buns. Lindt chocolate. Snickers. Skittles.
Sugar, sugar, sugar! Who doesn’t love sugar?!
I don’t know about you, but when there is peanut butter/chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, or even atomic fireballs near me I want it and I want it all!
What is it about sugar that keeps you coming back for more? Why is it one of our biggest weaknesses?
Sugar releases endorphins and they produce a natural “high” for us. Unfortunately, that “high” goes away very quickly and it leaves us wanting more and more sugar. Just like a drug addict, people who are used to eating sugars and decide to go on a diet go through withdrawals. Sugar withdrawals suck!  
When I started my competition diet last January, the first two weeks were BRUTAL for me. I was constantly chomping on sugar-free gum and chugging water with Crystal Light in it like it was my job. Anything to beat those cravings – I wasn’t caving in!
This leads me to the purpose of this post: how I beat my sugar cravings and other ways you can, too!
1)     Sugar-free gum – if it says sugar-free, stock up and chew, chew, chew. Feel free to blow a couple of bubbles, too. Those are always fun. Except when they pop all over your face and your eyelashes stick together.
2)     Drink lots of water and, if you want to, use some Crystal Light. The “on the go” packets carry only 5 calories in one packet. I usually pour in one-quarter of the packet in my 16.9oz of water. Gives it the perfect sweet taste I need.
3)     Drink hot green tea with a packet of Stevia or Truvia (all-natural sweeteners). This will take you a while to drink and fills you up in the meantime, saving you from those unwanted calories!
4)     After eating a meal, brush your teeth.  
5)     Make a protein shake.
6)     Make your own goodies, but substitute with oat flour or Stevia or Truvia.
7)     DO treat yourself to a cheat meal! Don’t deprive yourself or you’ll go nuts and it might cause you to become grumpy and no one likes to be around someone like that. Trust me, I know.
8)     Don’t skip meals – eat every 2-3 hours and make sure you’re eating protein with every meal. Protein helps keep you fuller longer, plus it helps build muscle and muscle burns fat.
9)     Get it out of the house! If it’s within your line of vision, especially at your house, you’ll be more apt to eat it.
10) Eat fruit instead. Apple with the peel is fine. Did you know eating the peel of the apple promotes muscle growth? Yup, it’s true!  
Ready to beat those sugar cravings?! You can do it!

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