Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Biceps and Triceps Are On Fire!!

I had a killer bicep and tricep workout tonight! I was so excited to get to the gym after work tonight, but I was so tired. I dug deep and reminded myself of what my goals are and where I want to be at and I quickly snapped out of it. As soon as I walked into the gym at Obie's Fitness, my fatigue went completely out of the window as did any negative thoughts I was having. I know what I want; I  know where I want my body to be. I'm going to get it! 

My arms are dead and that's exactly what I like to feel whenever I leave the gym. To me, that's when I know I've given it 110% and I feel satisfied with my workout. 

I knew I wanted to tire myself out and push through it and that's what I did. 

I performed 4 sets of the following:


Dumbbell Curls - 10 reps of as heavy as I could go. If I couldn't reach 10, I'd go down in weight and get it. 
Incline Dumbbell Curls - same as above
Barbell Reverse Curls - same as above. I like this move because it also works my forearms. Not like I need to build those muscles, but I also don't want to be disproportionate. 


Straight Bar Pushdown - same as above
Close-Grip Bench Press - same as above
Dumbbell Kickbacks - same

Then I performed 2 sets heavy of the following: 


Concentration Curls - 10-12 reps
Barbell 21s - These are probably my favorite bicep exercise. You come up from the hip to the waist and do 7 reps, then immediately go from the waist all the way up to your armpits for another 7 reps, then you do the full range of motion from hip to armpits for another 7 reps, totaling 21 reps. Amazing. Feel. The. Burn. 


Rope Pulldowns - 10-12 reps
Dips - 12 reps

I actually performed supersets on everything. Dumbbell Curls with Straight Bar Pushdown; Incline DB Curls with Close-Grip Bench; Barbell Reverse Curls with DB Kickbacks; Concentration Curls with Rope Pulldowns; and Barbell 21s with Dips. And I only rested about 30 seconds in between each superset. By the way, a superset incorporates two different exercises, whereas a normal set has only one exercise. 

Needless to say, I left the gym and could barely lift my arms. I GOT SWOLE IN THE GYM AND I FEEL AMAZING!!! What did you do for a workout today? 

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